Why sidney crosby is better than

Get the hell out of here. For Toews, it's He won at least That's prompted the city to start breaking down video of the collision like the Zapruder film and in no way contributes to the idea that Habs fans are giant crybabies.

If Crosby hypothetically loses an own-zone faceoff that ends up in the back of the net 15 seconds later, then it's his fault, but if Toews loses one and the opponent doesn't score, then he has done more to prevent it.

Perhaps his teammates, and particularly the quality of defensemen playing behind him, help as well. Drew Doughty, whom Ferraro likens to a hockey savant, dominates the defense position with effortless zeal. The Avs have some very good young prospects in the pipeline but the real question is are any of them No.

But the goal scorer is the finisher. Can't always get what you want. If you put Crosby on a line with Marian Hossa and Patrick Sharp, his point totals would be much higher than if Toews were playing the bulk of his minutes with Chris Kunitz and Lee Stempniak.

Only those beards are pure playoff beards. Besides, Seguin missed close to a month between February 13th and March 7th,and Benn barely missed a beat.

During the same time period, Sidney Crosby played in less than games. They have people who want it just as bad. McDavid is Sidney Crosby, add 2 inches and about pounds. The Caps star scores 0. The last time players got to vote on who the best player in the league was last spring and they selected Crosby to win the Ted Lindsay Award.

On an individual level, Sidney Crosby has scored 0. Those who had the speed to match, he would just muscle past them.

He is young enough to go hard but knows the league well. But Ovechkin is superior. Ovechkin finished with a Corsi Close 4. It just doesn't mean the latter has passed the former as the best player in the world.

A List of Players Better than Sidney Crosby

Golden goal in overtime at the Vancouver Games to crown Canada Olympic champion. Of course, Viktor Tikhonov is the leading scorer in the tournament with in five games, so take these totals with a grain of salt, I guess. The argument then is that Toews is more of a leader than Crosby, since he was the captain of those two teams, but it obviously ignores the fact that Crosby's team has been slowly and steadily getting worse in that time.

Ovechkin is not nearly as great a player as Gretzky or Orr, And he probably will not pass Gretzky's career goal-scoring record before he hangs up his skates. As great as Sidney Crosby is, one thing stands out that makes McDavid have the better career.

The lockout produced the happy accident of two No. He really is a team guy.

Crosby is better than McDavid

Those were the days, but he once again reminded us to not doubt him. And I thought some of that left Ovechkin this year. Funny how when it comes to these debates the sports world only ascribes team success to individual greatness when it suits them, but if a team ever missed the playoffs, all the personal stats would be dismissed as hollow and meaningless.

His career is in jeopardy. But the ability to score game-winning goals is not one that anyone can repeat.


He did even better in the season, during which Crosby hit the point mark, scoring 36 goals, winning the Hart Memorial Trophy, the Ted Lindsay Award, and the Art Ross trophy.

One has to wonder where his leadership went during that time.

Is Crosby better than Gretzky and Lemieux? It’s closer than you think

Email Copy Link Copied Remember when, throughout the first couple of months of the season, many of us wondered if Sidney Crosby was well past his prime and no longer capable of carrying the Pittsburgh Penguins on his back anymore.

He is playing the game light years ahead of his competition. He plays just 63 times from to As I write this, the superstar from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia only has a single goal in his first ten games, to go with a pretty pedestrian four assets.

Not a huge difference, but a difference nonetheless. And this time, the Metropolitan Division lead is on the line. And with Messier replacing Gretzky as captain, they would lift it once more. Sidney Crosby has the most trophies,points,and the best leadership. The only reason why Alex Ovechkin has the most goals is because he decides to be selfish and shoots the puck.

Sidney Crosby actually passes the puck which leads to goals. Sidney Crosby still has goals but not as many as Alex Ovechkin. Sidney Crosby is easily the best player in the NHL. Sidney Crosby's Penguins generated more than enough offense to go far in the,and playoffs.

But Fleury's inconsistency held them back from going the distance. Meanwhile, Alex Ovechkin only has the league's best goalie (right now) Braden Holtby, while Patrick Kane has clutch performer Corey Crawford. Crosby is a better player than McDavid.

Sidney Crosby Better Than Ovechkin in NHL’s Great Debate

Yes, McDavid can blow past anyone in the league, he puts up the points to show he is the best scoring talent in the league. However, Crosby literally embarasses anyone in the offensive zone. Sidney Crosby is better than Alex Ovechkin because he is a far better two-way player, a better leader, and has accomplished bigger things in his career than Ovechkin.

c. Main points. He didn’t suffer the same fate Crosby did in terms of injuries, which might help explain why he has more Hart and Ted Lindsay Trophies. He is the better scorer between the two. Sidney Crosby will never be better than Wayne Gretzky because they each played in a different time, against different players using different equipment.

They are not comparable.


You cannot rank them.

Why sidney crosby is better than
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Connor McDavid Will Be Better Than Sidney Crosby