The reasons why many kids join violent gangs and feels part of it

For instance, the National Youth Gang Survey indicated that only 8 percent of gang members are female These reasons or causes include: That is, suddenly the rules have changed: Excitement - Some young people get a rush out of defying authority, or committing crimes.

But the biggest, most symbolically meaningful blow to the Gangster Disciples was delivered in Maywhen Hoover was convicted of 42 counts of conspiracy to distribute drugs, received a sentence of six life terms, and was transferred to a supermax prison in Colorado, where his cell was located several stories underground and his ability to communicate with the remnants of his gang were severely constrained.

How Street Gangs Work

Gang members, recruiters and the media glamorize the gang lifestyle. Chinese youth gangs specializing in theft and drugs have been reported, as well as other gangs that engage in a wider variety of criminal activities and are more varied in age, number of members, and degree of territoriality Klein Let him or her know that you care.

Fear of devastating lifelong legal and other consequences are especially powerful when the person sexually misusing or abusing a child is another child or adolescent. The child experiences intense anxiety or fear, and learns to disconnect from it.

Gang involvement can begin as early as elementary school. Gangs may also offer residents other aid: In kindergarten he became outraged if something did not go his way, and on many occasions, bit other children so hard that he drew blood. If negative responses are modeled and reinforced in the environment, then they are readily available to him.

Tragically, such thinking gets in the way of protecting children. In the overwhelming majority of cases, it's sufficient to talk with the person or, very rarely, to distance from them.

For both children and adults, acknowledging such a betrayal can threaten their overall sense of safety in the world. Most gang members are exposed to gangs at a young age. In this kind of environment, the teen can begin to deal with feelings of rage and deeper shame.

Violence is seen as one way to act to alter the situation. If we're asking others to let in extremely disturbing information, then what do we ask of ourselves in the process.

Studies of British gangs that existed in the early s suggest that these trends persisted. We know that people can respond to such a history in many ways, some of which involve great efforts to avoid unwanted and confusing feelings that the experience may have caused.

We hope that, by being aware of these complicated obstacles, and having a sober if grudging respect for their roots in inescapable human limitations and tragic social circumstances, we can all support one another more effectively in overcoming the very real barriers to protecting children.

The environment must also be under the control of fair adults who work to build a safe environment. When the only thing you have, the last thing you have, is your humanity, what you think of as your manhood, you get this skewed vision of what a man is.

The Only Road

Gangs that accept female gang members sometimes rape them as their initiation. Thirty-two percent of the Los Angeles fathers he interviewed said that they had been members of the same gang to which their children now belonged, while 11 percent reported that four generations of their family had membership in the same gang.

Many gangs also actively recruit new members, especially when gang membership is low. The BBC captured this sense of constant fear and anxiety in a recent documentary about the violence in Chicago: Lower-class adolescents' limited access to the legal means of achieving goals leaves them frustrated.

These conditions create considerable stress that youths may try to alleviate by joining a gang. Explain to your child that he or she should NOT:. Dec 17,  · - Feeling of belong - Gang activity may offer a sentiment of being a part of a "family" that is missing in the childs home.

The child becomes sure to the gangs values, rather than those of the home. - Intimidation - Threats and violent beatings may be utilize to force youths to join. There are many different reasons why particular immigrants emigrate to the United States.

 Why Females Join Gangs Female gang involvement has been on the rise throughout the decades. Chances are high that if the group an individual is a part of feels that option A is better than option B. Risk factors that can contribute to the risk that children and adolescents join a gang include: Growing up in an area with heavy gang activity.

A history of gang involvement in the family (family members who are current or former gang members). Factors Leading Youth To Gang 11 The purpose of this study is to examine some of the social factors that are more likely to influence Hmong youth to join gangs as measured by individual reports obtained through field surveys in two northern states.

This study will focus on the following objectives: 1. Gangs are a violent reality that people have to deal with in today's cities. What has made these groups come about?

Why do kids feel that being in a gang is both an acceptable and prestigious way to live? The long range answer to these questions can only be speculated upon, but in the short. Jun 30,  · One block on West Madison Street offers a window into the violence ravaging Chicago as killings reach levels unseen since late s.

The reasons why many kids join violent gangs and feels part of it
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Prison Gangs in U.S. prisons